Today we're going to talk about adults
As a single dog born with solo,Lei Laoshi always releases his nature by his own hands.Later,out of curiosity about his body,baidu found that the power of knowledge is not random,and learned a lot of knowledge that no one has ever explained.

I don't think my mother knows that

Like point u and point a.

Generally speaking,you know the G-spot,the c-spot.And the U point and a point,unless it is a hundred people chop or pure ancestral old driver or congenital bone surprise.


That's what everyone said.It's comfortable.Just plug it in.Some of them are like fountains.


In fact,every girl's G-spot position is slightly offset,but it is generally located in the front wall of the vocal tract,half of which is between the vocal tract and the cervix.Comparing the direction of the navel to 12 o'clock,the G-spot is almost between 11 o'clock and 1 o'clock.

If you explore by yourself,you still have a certain depth,so it's difficult for many girls to find them by themselves.

After all,Meizhi's fingers may not be that long

Bend down.It's really tiring.

If you use fake Jiji's words,you can't stress correctly.

So...I'll let you know after I leave the ranks of single dogs and explore with my beloved TA!

Point C

Most sister paper crape myrtle habit is from accidentally found touch beans can get some wonderful feeling,slowly used to bath after"conscious"touch,relax.

Serious will rely on anything you can touch,and even anytime and anywhere clip legs.It's hard to get rid of it

What we call"Doudou"is actually an external sound.

It's very simple and fast to get GC by friction.If the hands are fast enough and experienced enough,they will be able to clean up the battlefield when others turn on the tap to wash their hands.

GC's coming too fast.It's like a tornado.

Otherwise,why do you think the United Nations strongly condemns"circumcision as a deprivation of women's human rights".

U point

Some girls will sweep here when they play,because they are near the urethral orifice.If they play carelessly,they may feel a different pleasure.

It's like welding your beans in electricity.But it crackled in my head.

But I want to pee.

Because it is stimulating the urethra!

When u-point stimulation and Yin emperor stimulation are combined,the effect will be better.

Warm tips:if you don't empty yourself before that,some urine may overflow.If you like the feeling of juice mixing,you can ignore the tips.Woof,woof,woof

Point a

This view was put forward by a Malaysian sexologist in recent years.

Point a is located between the G-spot and the cervix.It can be stimulated directly or by rubbing the vaginal wall.

Whether it's true or not,the existence of this statement really gives a lot of men the motivation to explore,but also provides women with a more level of pleasure.

During sex,try to sit at the head of the bed and let your partner in from the front.This posture is easier to increase the stimulation and friction of point a.Can make sister paper more perfect to enjoy orgasm.

However,it usually does not appear,like a mysterious hidden boss.

How to activate it?

It can't be found until the G-spot is fully GC.

Generally speaking,the reward of hidden boss is quite rich.As for what the reward is,after you find your partner and explore deeply,you will understand.

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