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reproduction organs
Reproductive system is the general term of organ components closely related to reproduction.The function of the reproductive system is to produce germ cells,reproduce new individuals,secrete sex hormones and maintain accessory sexual characteristics.

Modern women know the concept of reproductive system,but ignore the maintenance of reproductive system.Many women have a bad face,rough skin and even acne.They seem to be much older than their actual age,which may be due to reproductive health problems.

The female reproductive system is not only the birthplace of life,but also an important place of sexual life,and also the production workshop of women's beauty hormone estrogen.A healthy reproductive system is an important condition for women to remain beautiful,young and healthy.

WHO(World Health Organization)put forward the definition of reproductive health:reproductive health is not only a reproductive process without diseases and disorders,but also a physical,psychological and social integrity,in which the reproductive process is completed.

In recent years,the concept of reproductive health has been introduced into China.Although people's concept of reproductive health has been more open than before,people's understanding of reproductive health has been superficial.

In the reproductive system,there are two important organs-vagina and ovary.Their importance affects the whole body.

Vagina is like a small village in a woman's body,and a large number of probiotics in vagina is the guardian of this village.It is because of their resistance to a variety of viruses and bacteria that women's health is protected.

Women's vagina itself is weakly acidic.Once this delicate acid-base balance is damaged by the external lotion or condom alkaline lubricant,the protective function of probiotics will be reduced,and women's vagina will become an unprotected virus invasion pathway.

Secondly,the female vagina is the main organ of sexual life.A happy and harmonious sexual life can make the female body and spirit stay happy and relaxed for a long time,so that the beauty and youth are not easy to fade.A ten-year study in England has shown that middle-aged people who have a good sex life look 12 years younger than their peers who don't have much sex.

Ovary is one of the most important endocrine glands in women.Its main function is to secrete female hormones and produce eggs.After the female development mature,secretes the estrogen and the progesterone,under its influence,menstruation.At the same time,estrogen can promote the development and maintenance of female reproductive organs and secondary sexual characteristics.

However,after the age of 40,women's ovarian function begins to decline.At this time,the number of ovulation decreases,hormone secretion levels decline,and even menstrual disorders,menopause,breast soft atrophy,other sexual characteristics degenerate,internal and external genitalia atrophy,women also gradually lose their former Youth glory.

In other words,once the ovaries begin to age,estrogen secretion will be disordered,and women's health will also appear various problems.

Report on black sub-health of female reproductive system

According to statistics,the incidence rate of gynecological diseases in married women is 95%,which causes 96%of the symptoms such as dull complexion,facial complexion,wrinkles,waist and knees,menstrual disorders,endocrine disorders,leucorrhea and body weight gain.

According to authoritative statistics,more than 92.6%of the broken marriages are caused by unharmonious sexual life,and the marriage with harmonious couple life is often more harmonious.It is the so-called:bed quarrel,bed and visibility,the importance of harmonious life in marriage.

How to maintain the reproductive system?

Get enough sleep and have reasonable sex

Every day to ensure adequate sleep,do not stay up late,otherwise it will reduce the body's resistance to disease.At the same time,we should pay attention to the frequency of sexual life,which can cause urethral infection.


Just like other parts of your body,the vagina needs fresh air.If tight jeans or synthetic fiber underpants make"she"breathless,bacteria will multiply and easily cause infection.

Pay attention to personal hygiene

Wash frequently,do not advocate bath,clothes should be stored separately;often change underwear,especially new underwear or underwear that have not been worn for a long time,wash and dry before wearing;wear cotton underwear with good ventilation and moisture absorption,try to wear less tight pants or jeans,and wear more skirt with good ventilation,which is very important to protect women's health.

Keep your vagina clean

Under normal conditions,women do not need to clean the interior of the vagina.The lactic acid bacteria in the vagina will maintain the health of the vaginal environment.If the amount of menstrual blood during menstruation,you can use warm water to clean the vulva,and then use a clean towel to dry.

Change sanitary cotton frequently

Menstrual blood is rich in nutrients,which can easily become a"culture medium"for bacteria.Therefore,sanitary napkins must be replaced diligently.When the amount is large,it should be replaced every 2-3 hours,so as to reduce the time of contact between pudendal skin and sanitary cotton.If tampons are used,it is recommended to replace them within 4-6 hours.In addition,new underwear must be washed before wearing.

Health is the foundation and capital of women's beauty.Beauty without health is like a flash in the pan,which can not stand the carving of years.Women's health includes physical health and reproductive health.Only when women have a healthy mind and body can they really live with value and quality.

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