Shocked! How long is the penis too short for a sudden death
Recently,a piece of news came into the public's view,which is very sad.

Belgian billionaire raniodoro died of a sudden heart attack after undergoing penile lengthening surgery in a small clinic at the age of 65,foreign media reported.

It is understood that ranio was born in Israel,is a jeweler,has luxury homes all over the world.But he is very concerned about his appearance and has been troubled by his height before.In order to lengthen his penis without being recognized and humiliated by others,he chose a private clinic on the Champs Elysees in Paris.Unexpectedly,he died on the spot because the injection during the operation caused a heart attack.

In the face of such a shocking thing,netizens have expressed their opinions.

It's true that men care more about their size than women.

Often the strength of sexual ability is closely related to men's self-confidence and even the success of marriage and love.Some men think that the penis is the key to judge their sexual ability.They think that the longer the penis is,the more"powerful"they are.Even many men are distressed because of the short penis.It's more useless than being short and thick and long and thin.

Care about the length of their penis as women care about their chest size is the same truth,boys in the xxoo this thing is absolutely not to admit defeat.Because it's their last self-esteem.It's more fatal to insult a person's self-esteem than to dislike that a man can't earn money and that his penis is too small.

So what is the size of the penis?

In fact,as far as Asians are concerned,when the penis of an adult male is weak,it is 5-6cm and the length of erection can be doubled,which is regarded as the normal level.General doctors would recommend that if the erection is 8cm,there is no need to worry about it.Can meet the needs of daily sex life,do not think that the network spread of the so-called 18 cm is normal or strong sexual ability sign.

If the length of the penis is less than 4cm when it is weak,and the erection length is less than 8cm,it can be considered that the penis is short.Judging whether the penis is short or not should also be more important to the length of the erection,rather than the length of weakness.

What causes the penis to be short?

The causes of short penis are divided into congenital and postnatal.Congenital factors include genetic and fetal malformations.For example,some infants may have concealed penis due to abnormal development.In the maternal and fetal time,may be due to the use of improper drugs,affect the secretion of androgen,resulting in congenital dysplasia.

In the process of postnatal growth,some men will absorb insufficient zinc,androgen and related protein nutrition in their body during the development period,and supplement insufficient after the day,or have redundant prepuce and phimosis,which will affect the normal growth of organs.

There is also obesity will affect the development of the penis,obese body,coupled with short penis,long sex life after marriage is mostly not ideal,some even lead to men's xxoo difficulties,so there will be many rumors that fat people are toothpick hawing.

Can penile short really lengthen,stretch freely?

At present,there are two ways to treat this kind of penile lengthening:food therapy and surgical lengthening.Dietotherapy to help the male penis lengthening method is mainly through helping men to improve kidney qi,to achieve the effect of Yang Qi full,strong Yang.But the operation prolongs,the doctor's request is very high,the operation difficulty is also big.Prices vary from place to place,with the cost of painless minimally invasive surgery ranging from 5000 to 8000.

At present,many private hospitals in China carry out penile lengthening for the purpose of profit,which is quite common all over the country.There is no unified standard for the method and effect of operation,but this kind of operation is widely criticized in western countries,because neither the doctor nor the patient can determine the treatment effect and postoperative complications of this operation Therefore,medical experts in real state-owned hospitals hold a negative attitude towards penile lengthening surgery,and suggest that we choose it carefully.

Do this kind of operation must be very careful,if repeated weighing still insist on,the best to regular large hospital or qualified specialized hospital operation,because the operation of aseptic environment requirements are strict,and every small nerve of the penis and the supply of penis blood vessels can not be the slightest accidental damage,a little careless may bring serious consequences to patients,mild wound infection,severe infection Sexual function was affected.

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