Li Yinhe: sex is the most ambiguous thing in people's minds
sexual love
There are many things in the world that make people feel different.As the saying goes,one person's good wine and food is the poison of another person's intestines.

For example,some people like mountaineering and bungee jumping,which are adventurous activities,and some people avoid them;some people like to travel,and some people like to stay at home;some people love reading novels,and some people don't regret reading a novel all their lives.

Sex in the minds of the parties is the most ambiguous.

In the investigation of Chinese women's emotion and sex,I heard a woman say:sex is torture for her.She has to think about the martyrs who were tortured in Shangrao concentration camp every time.For others,sex is bliss.

Maybe the feeling of such a big difference in sex is just a matter between women.

For men,sex seems to be physiological overflow and inner swelling,venting is good,not venting is not good.Therefore,there are women who don't like sex,but there are no men who don't like sex.There is another evidence for this judgment,that is,the acceptance of male Lagerstroemia indica is always higher than that of female Lagerstroemia indica.

From the statistical survey results,the proportion of male crape myrtle is often close to 100%,while the proportion of female crape myrtle is dozens of percentage points lower.From the Middle Ages until the emergence of sexology in the 19th century,Lagerstroemia indica suffered a great stigma,which was considered to be harmful both physically and psychologically.

Many boys will go to the doctor to see the"disease"of crape myrtle,as well as the operation for girl crape myrtle(burn the tip of the red iron on the Y pedicle,burn the Y pedicle).

Although sexology finally corrected the name of Lagerstroemia indica and declared that it was harmless,the degree of stigmatization of Lagerstroemia indica decreased,but the degree of stigmatization of Lagerstroemia indica in women was still higher than that of men.

In addition,women's sexual desire is not as obvious as that of men(although anatomy shows that y-pedicle can also be erect),so many women are not aware of their sexual desire at all.

This explains the strange phenomenon that 28%of Chinese women aged 60 to 64 have never experienced sexual pleasure in their whole life in a sociological survey in the early 20th century,which also explains why so many Chinese women do not like sex.

Although the value of anti sexual abstinence is one of the reasons why Chinese women don't like sex or even take it as a moral noble,the lack of female sexual desire is also one of the reasons.

In a sense,although female sexual desire naturally exists there,it needs to be developed.If it is not developed,it is completely possible to keep low for life.Just like the woman who has never experienced sexual pleasure in nearly 30%of her life,just like the woman who suffered from sex.

It is also because of the above reasons that it seems natural for men to pursue sexual pleasure,while women's pursuit of sexual pleasure is somewhat unreasonable.

In the folk sexual psychology and norms,it seems that there is a little bit of derogation to female sexual desire:a woman who likes sex is inferior,licentious and bad;while a good woman should not like sex,enjoy sex and pursue sexual pleasure.

However,sexual pleasure really belongs to the category of women's sexual rights,and it is also something worthy of women to pursue and enjoy.Women's pursuit and enjoyment of sexual pleasure is also natural and justified.Even those women who do not like sex very much may like it with a little technical treatment(lubrication,foreplay).

Otherwise,we can't explain why God created a y-tie for a woman.It's the only one of all human organs(including men and women)whose function is only sexual pleasure!

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