How can shy women take the initiative?
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Introduction:Andrew g.Marshall,a well-known British sexologist,has helped countless people solve the problem of sexual relationship and advocated people to enjoy sex and marriage.A reporter from life times had a dialogue with this authority.

Reporter:in China,some couples have less and less sex due to busy life,high pressure or separation.What's the situation in the UK?

Andrew g.Marshall:British couples are not as enthusiastic about sex as before.According to a report published by the advisory body,the number of British men who are healthy and have no sexual dysfunction but have lost interest in sex and come to seek help has increased by 40%over the past five years.

These people admit that they have sex,but they just don't want to.This has a lot to do with the financial downturn,the pressure of work,and the"no feeling"of being married for a long time.

Generally speaking,if there is no physical disease or accident between husband and wife,and there is no tacit understanding of sexual life for more than a month,it is asexual marriage.

Reporter:what harm will asexual marriage bring?How to deal with it?

Andre g.Marshall:the lack of sex life will hurt the feelings of both sides.If one of the husband and wife longs for intimacy and the other refuses,it will easily bring psychological frustration to the other side,and then lead to poor communication,cheating,extramarital love or divorce.

Secondly,it will have a certain impact on health.Long term absence of sex life may lead to premature aging of sexual organs and hormone instability.

Finally,asexual marriage will seriously threaten the stability of the family and society.It can be said that no sex life is a kind of silent harm to life.The most important thing to save asexual marriage is the individual.

The number of sexual love between men and women is reduced,mostly because of the cold winter of love.Maybe a sincere hug can solve the problem.We also need to communicate,express the willingness to improve,try to take some time to put down all the things and pressure,relax and create a romantic atmosphere together.The NHS website also encourages people to pay more attention to the benefits of sex and increase their enthusiasm for sex.

Reporter:in these aspects,Chinese women have always been passive.What do you think of this?

Andre g.Marshall:the shyness and mystery of Oriental women is a kind of unique beauty and sexy.However,in an intimate relationship,initiative is not a man's exclusive right.Women should also learn to"induce"a man to arouse his passion and sexual desire.

If a woman is not good at being direct,she can express her desire through some actions,such as sitting on her lap and twisting her hips while watching TV on the sofa,which can quickly arouse her desire.You can also swim with him,play in the water and touch the skin in the water,which will make both sides have unexpected wonderful feelings.

Reporter:in your work experience,apart from the couple's life problems that may lead to the breakup of partners,what are the minefields of marriage relations?

Andrew g.Marshall:many people think that big things lead to breakups.In fact,the accumulation of small problems is the most common cause of divorce.For example,if your partner talks about a problem,you just nod your head frequently and put your mind elsewhere,which can easily lead to communication problems.

In addition,always complaining about the other party's living habits,depriving the other party of time,becoming lazy after marriage,and constantly quarreling without finding a solution may lead to the breakdown of marriage.

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