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Lei Laoshi,I have something to ask you.I was born in a traditional family.My parents are both teachers,and they have strict family education since childhood.Maybe influenced by my family,my thoughts are more traditional than other girls.When I was in school,I never fell in love.It wasn't until last year that we talked about men's tickets.

I'm so depressed recently,because I'm a man.Come on for a month or two.When we make out,I always like to put on my sexy underwear.My heart is very resistant,but I'm afraid that if I refuse directly,it will affect our relationship.

To tell you the truth,I instinctively feel that it's very coquettish and even a bit lewd for girls to wear such clothes.I can't understand why boys like girls to wear sexy underwear.It's abnormal.

It may be wrong for me to think like this,but I can't persuade myself to accept it.I don't know what to do.

Thank you for your trust in Lei Laoshi.I hope the following answers can help you.

First of all,do boys like girls to wear sexy underwear?I can answer you 100%.I like it very much.

They not only like girls wearing funny underwear,but also like girls wearing funny underwear in front of them,making very provocative action.

Girls in front of them to dare to do DIY,it is estimated that they will raise their hands and feet to agree.When two people applaud for love,they even like to add a stick to their affection.

Do you know what kind of species boys are?

But it's not much more normal.

So,I want to correct you.

First,there is no such thing as coquettish and licentious in girls'sexy underwear.

You're just flirting in this way when you're in love at home.It's not like putting it on the street in a swagger.It's not as hot as passers-by's eyes.

Second,boys let you wear sexy underwear,there is no problem,metamorphosis is not to mention.Playing at home with my girlfriend,is that a foul?

If you have time,you can find out the annual sales volume of sexy underwear.A lot of girls like it and buy it by themselves.There are also a lot of boys bought it for girls.

You will know how common it is for boys and girls to wear sexy underwear in their boudoir.But as a girl,when playing games with her boyfriend,she still pays attention to privacy,such as whether the other party likes taking pictures.I believe everyone knows the story of Mr.Chen

It's easy to understand that boys like girls to wear sexy underwear.

What kind of girls are most attractive to boys?

It's not your white flesh.Standing in front of him,he must have a hormone burst.

On the contrary,it's easy to let people's blood flow out if they are invisible.Put on a set of fun underwear,that's the effect.The lethality to boys is proper.

Put on a fun underwear,itself is a kind of fun between young lovers.

Clapping for love is just to please each other.It's easy to get into the main play when emotions

You men like to let you wear sexy underwear,at least two points.

First,at least he should be satisfied with your figure.

You think,you have no chest,hip,waist,he gives you a funny underwear,what's the picture?I like what you wear,because you wear sexy clothes.It looks good.

Second,at least he is very interested in you.

If two people feel their right hand like their left hand,how many of them still want to fix this thing?

What should I do for you?

It's painful to force yourself to accept what you resist.You can tell him clearly that you don't like it.

He should also not force others to wear sexy underwear for fun,forcing you to destroy the atmosphere instead.

What you are afraid of is that you accept it on the surface,but resist it on the inside,and he may not be aware of it.He really thinks how much you like it.

Which day,you can't bear to break out,this account is finally on your head:you don't like it,why don't you say it earlier?

Of course,you can also try to accept it.You don't have to wear too revealing at first.

For example,some fun underwear like sailor's clothes.Starting from some smaller scale,slowly accept it and give yourself a process of adaptation.

Of course,whether you accept it or not,one of the principles to remember is that in a relationship,all behavior is to please both sides,not just yourself.

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