The same room frequency is much, can labia become black real
Lei Laoshi,since I had sex,I found that my body began to produce some changes,in which the color of the private part was obviously darker.My best friend recommended me to do the whitening of the private part.After a course of treatment,I could be tender and tender.What should I do if I feel a little excited?At that time

Thank you for your trust in Lei Laoshi.I hope the following answers can help you.

Usually,as people get older,changes will be found in all parts of the body.Next,let's start and talk about this topic with you.

▌what's the matter with the darkening of the private part?

First of all,the private part usually refers to the vulva part of the female reproductive organ.The color of the private part generally depends on two parts:heredity and hormone secretion.

Some people are born with a darker color in their private parts,just like their skin is born with a darker color.These are inherited by genes,so it's normal for some virgins to have a darker color in their private parts even if they don't have a roommate experience.If your best friend is whiter than you are,it is often because of individual genetic differences.This difference has no direct relationship with seven times a night and whether you have a roommate many times.

The second reason is that with the influence of hormone secretion,the color of women's private parts will also change significantly.

When we were babies,of course,there were pink and white private parts,no messy hair,no pigmentation.But with the arrival of puberty,as both sides of the vulva grow shallow,soft pubic hair later,slowly the color will deepen volume.The position of the pubic hair covering will also begin to change.

Under the action of hormone,the Yin canal epithelium of female gradually thickens and thickens,and the large and small Yin lips begin to thicken and widen,and the wrinkles increase,and then pigmentation appears.There are more pigment cells in outer Yin than in other places,so it can be observed that outer Yin is darker than other places.

In addition to the private parts of the body,women's nipples and skin on the inside of the thigh root will also deepen due to the influence of hormones.In fact,this is a very normal phenomenon.It is also the relationship between personal physique,so you don't have to worry too much.In addition,it is also possible that your underwear is too tight on weekdays,which oppresses the circulation of blood vessels.In the case of poor blood circulation,melanin is easy to get rid of As you sink,your skin tends to get darker.At this time,it is suggested to change to wear loose underwear to relieve your inner thigh skin.

▌will more rooming lead to deeper privacy?

How many times in the same room will not directly lead to the darkening of the color of the private part.The most important factor affecting the color of the private part is the influence of hormones.

When women in the sex life,because the labia for a long time are subject to external friction and serious stimulation,will secrete a lot of hormones,to a large extent,cause the local pigment gradually calm down,in its color will gradually deepen with the passage of time,this is a normal female physiological phenomenon.

Female pudendal color is mainly determined by its own melanin precipitation,which is closely related to female hormones.The shade of this color mainly varies from person to person,with their own amount of pigment also has a very large relationship.Some people,if they don't have much pigment,even if they are in the same room many times,will still keep the effect that the private color pink won't deepen.

If it's just because of the number of roommates and the amount of pigmentation caused by the friction,surely the friction of our hands will not be less than the number of friction?

▌is private whitening really reliable?

In the private whitening products,we often see the net red product,nenhongsu.

As a kind of external medicine,nenhongsu mainly makes the color ruddy and glossy through the bleaching of pigment.This kind of medicine has certain side effects,long-term use has an impact on the human body,serious cases may suffer from gynecological inflammation or cancer.

Usually doctors would recommend that pregnant and lactating,while suffering from breast cancer,ovarian cancer,uterine cancer,allergic constitution is prohibited.

Many used little sisters will say that the use of nenhongsu will fade,the effect is not lasting.This is because nenhongsu can only be introduced into the surface of the skin,and the metabolic cycle of skin cells is 28 days,so the whitening effect can not be long.

The private parts of the body are generally fragile and sensitive,and the skin of vulva or areola is very delicate.When using nenhongsu in these parts,special attention should be paid to the ingredient formula.Otherwise,don't say whitening,no allergy,itching is already lucky.

In the same way,many other products that claim to whiten private parts on the market are similar.You must check the ingredients when you buy them.Compared with the tenderness of private parts,private health is always more important than its color.

In a relationship,if a boy doubts you because of the color problem of your privacy,or even worries about it,he is too ignorant and selfish.This kind of boy should break up early and not stay for the new year.A person who really loves you won't mind your skin color or even your age.

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