Ejaculation is outside, won't you be pregnant?
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Question:Lei Laoshi,I've been with male ticket for three months.Last week,we finally achieved a great harmony.Male ticket said that if we were outside,we would not be pregnant.Is that true?I would like to ask whether this will be pregnant?I don't know if I'm ovulating these days.My menstruation is irregular.It's about 10 days since the end of my last menstruation.Will I be pregnant?What's the chance?Is there any convincing evidence?

Thank you for your trust in Lei Laoshi.I hope the following answers can help you.

First of all,no one dares to guarantee that you will not be pregnant when you are outside.If the time of xxoo is close to your ovulation period,and the liquid released by your male ticket Ding in front of xxoo may also contain a small amount of tadpole liquid,there is still a chance of pregnancy in this case.

You said you don't know whether you are ovulating or not.It's necessary to popularize science with you about ovulation.If you want to have a baby,you can have the same room during ovulation,and you are more likely to get pregnant.

▌what is ovulation

For example,from the perspective of contraception,each menstrual cycle of women can be divided into menstrual period,ovulation period and safety period.Women's ovulation date is generally about 14 days before the next menstruation,5 days before and 4 days after ovulation,together with ovulation,a total of 10 days is called ovulation period.

Generally,ovulation can be detected by B-ultrasound and ovulation detector.Some pregnant mothers can also know the ovulation period by ovulation test paper.Generally speaking,women's ovulation period has 10 days,but mood,diet,living habits,environment and other factors will affect ovulation,so ovulation period has a few days is different from person to person.

What are the symptoms of ovulation?Generally during ovulation,women's body temperature will rise,there is a slight anorexia,the desire for xxoo will be stronger than usual.

▌safety period is not safe

Safe period inside the body inch can be safe certainly not to be pregnant?That's a big mistake.Many people are misled by the so-called security period,which leads to big mistakes and delays a small life without being prepared.Some people's menstrual period is very regular,and some people's menstrual period is irregular,regular menstruation can use this contraceptive method,and irregular is not suitable for this contraceptive method.At the same time,you must not believe that this method is foolproof.

We should also understand that sperm can survive for two to three days after entering a woman's body.Once sperm and egg meet,they will become pregnant,which will lead to contraceptive failure in the safe period.Therefore,we should not believe that any safe period can be used for contraception.It is not reliable at all.

It's better to wear TT honestly.After all,although the contraceptive pill has certain contraceptive efficacy,it can reach 95%,but it has serious damage to women's body.It has strong hormone effect and produces great stimulation to the body.Can make menstruation irregular,hormone imbalance.Serious may lead to infertility,at the same time,contraceptive hormones make hormone imbalance in the body,affecting health.

▌one week later,hCG was detected

Back to the question just asked by the lady,about 10 days after menstruation should be in the period of ovulation.Although the probability of pregnancy caused by body size is relatively small,there is still a chance of being accidentally recruited.

If you are worried,you can live in xxoo for 14 days or delay menstruation for 7 days.You can use an early pregnancy stick or draw blood to test hCG and progesterone to see if they are higher than the normal value.If they are much higher than the normal value,they should be pregnant.

The normal values of hCG andβ-hCG were 10μg/L and 3.1μg/L respectively.β-hCG is a part of hCG.Generally,the radioimmunoassay value ofβ-hCG in normal women is less than 3.1.If it is more than 5,pregnancy can be considered.If it is more than 10,pregnancy can be basically determined.

In a word,I hope my little sister can know the correct contraceptive method,protect herself well,and take contraceptive measures when she doesn't plan to get pregnant.

As a responsible boy,he should not only consider the health of his wife,but also understand the future planning of both sides.Don't forget the consequences of pregnancy in order to be quick,don't believe in contraception rumors,the way must be controlled,or regret for life.

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