Single for a long time, will become ugly?
The life of husband and wife is a kind of physiological needs.If the normal physiological needs are not met,the health of both men and women will be affected.It is not conducive to maintain the relationship between husband and wife,and even leads to differences between husband and wife,resulting in estrangement.

For a woman,long-term no husband and wife life,the body will also appear a series of changes.For example,endocrine disorders,skin tarnish,long spots,acne,black eye serious.

It's said that women with married life will look younger than women of the same age without married life.Women's"physiological needs"have not been solved for a long time.In addition to becoming ugly,there may be three changes in their body.

1.Suffering from breast disease

If women lack of marital life for a long time,the secretion of estrogen in the body will be abnormal.For women,the body estrogen secretion is reduced,may lead to the emergence of breast disease,and even breast hyperplasia or breast cancer.

Therefore,women who have never been married are more likely to have breast cancer than those who have been married.

2.Irregular menstruation

If a woman has no husband and wife life for a long time,the hormone level in her body will be abnormal,which will lead to irregular menstrual cycle,and the big aunt will appear the phenomenon of advance or delay,some of which are not coming for several months,or coming for half a month.When I come to my aunt,I will have severe dysmenorrhea.

Women's uterus and ovaries need estrogen to maintain.If there is no husband and wife life for a long time,the secretion of estrogen in the body will decrease,which will affect health.

3.Accelerate aging

Women's physiological needs can not be met for a long time,which may lead to endocrine disorders in the body.The secretion of various hormones in the body will show a downward trend,and will affect the operation of various organs of the body.The speed of metabolism will slow down,thus affecting the health of the body.

If the metabolism of women's body is abnormal,it is bound to affect the skin state,so as to speed up the aging.Women who don't have married life for a long time may have symptoms of premature aging.

The purpose of high-quality married life is not only to meet the physiological needs,but also to be happy for a while.It's also to make yourself healthy,beautify and beautify.By the way,it can enhance the relationship between husband and wife.

So,go to love,find the one who loves you,find the one who is in harmony with you,and then make love together.

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