What is asexuality? Is it wrong to have no feeling for love?
When all your friends start talking about sexual love,do you feel the same desire as them?Maybe they will talk about a new hot girl or handsome guy on your favorite show,but you just don't understand the attraction of this?In fact,since you think of sexual love,you've never really felt anyone's x attraction before.

If that sounds like you,don't worry,you may just be asexual.Check out the following information about asexuality to learn more about it and see if it resonates with you.

▌what is asexuality?

When a person"does not experience sexual attraction or inner desire to have sex,"he is asexual.And it's no problem at all!Sex is a huge category,and everyone is just trying to figure out what their particular gray shadow is,and asexuality may be part of you.

As with any label,whether you want to use the word asexual to describe yourself or not is entirely up to you.Maybe you prefer not to have a label on your sexual orientation,which is cool.

Obviously,not all asexual people are similar in their experiences and preferences.So if you choose to use the term asexuality,don't worry about fitting any particular box or definition.Your sexual exploration is your own and yours.Just listen to yourself and trust your intuition.

Frequently asked questions about asexuality

Q:"I don't want to have sex,but I see people attractive?Am I still asexual?"

Yes,probably.You're asexual.You realize what's attractive and you can appreciate someone's beauty,but that doesn't mean you want to have sex with them.According to sexologists,"sexual orientation ultimately comes down to the inner desire to have sex with another person.If you haven't experienced it,attraction to others is usually not sexual

Q:"I've never met a single asexual person.Do they exist?"

If you are interested in romantic relationships(but not sexual relationships),then some people can fully accept the experience.A woman named Simone told the British metropolis about her experience as an asexual."I won't say that being asexual is an obstacle because I'm happy to be single,"she continued."I'll think about being in another relationship in the future,but I'm not sure if it's a prescriptive relationship with other people,because I'm not a tangible person at all.It's not common for all asexuals.It's a lot like kissing and hugging and other romantic body gestures.“

Q:"Can asexuals be gay?"

They can!Simone said:"we tend to say in asexual communities that people are romantically inclined,even though they don't have sex.People talk about romantic,non romantic and so on.Others call themselves romantic,which means they don't have romantic appeal to anyone.I'll put myself in the last category.“

Q:"Should I be proud of being asexual?"

absolutely.You are a multi-dimensional person and may be more proud of other aspects of your life(such as fierce eyebrows,being a complete mathematician or having amazing cooking skills).As long as it's something you identify with,there's nothing to be ashamed of.

Q:"I used to feel sexually attractive to someone.Does that mean I have sex?"

Like other aspects of sex,asexuality is not black or white.According to Aven,some people define themselves as somewhere between asexuality and sex,thinking that they are"gray,belonging to the gray zone.".If you've experienced sexual attraction in the past,you can use one of the labels to describe yourself,but it's not common.

Q:"Have asexuals ever had sex?"

Again,it all depends on people,but some asexuals do have sex for a variety of reasons,and aven says some people do like it.They may choose to engage in sex to get their partner happy,pregnant or just because they want to know what it is like.Some asexuals even continue to have sex in a loyal relationship,"because the combination and other factors of physical stimulation satisfy them,"aven said.

And just because you have sex doesn't mean you're no longer asexual.OK,stay with me.If you think you are heterosexual but not sexually active at the moment,does that mean you are no longer heterosexual?no Why?Because being heterosexual or gay or bisexual or asexual or bisexual is your sexual orientation.It's not defined by your partner.

Q:"I feel sexually attractive to people,but only after I really understand them.What does that mean?"

If that's the case,you may be bisexual,and you need a close relationship to feel sexually attractive.Homosexuality is under the protection of asexuality.

Q:"My x desire is opened,but the object is not human.Am I still asexual?"

According to Aven,"asexuals can still have sexual desire or experience arousal,but they will not experience any intrinsic attraction or desire to have sex with others."You may still feel sexually aroused sometimes,but these reasons have nothing to do with the desire of others to have sex.It also means that asexual people may have self-esteem.

Q:"Can asexuals fall in love?"

absolutely!There is no asexual relationship that can stop you from falling in love with someone.The difference is that attraction is not sex.Instead,it has to do with personality or compatibility.It's normal for asexuals to be romantic.They may define themselves as heterosexual or gay,depending on who they find attractive.Of course,some people find themselves meaningless,which means they have no desire for romance at all.

Again,the important thing to remember about asexuality is that it's all right,and you're not alone.There are a lot of people talking about asexuality,experts on the subject,and people who have their own experience.

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Do you know who you are?

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