Want to know if your girlfriend is satisfied with your sex?
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Recently, my friend recommended me to watch a Netflix film collection "sex study room". The hero Otis is a high school student. Although his mother is a sex therapist, she is a housewife and has a lot of sexual problems.

In a chance, Otis found that because of his influence, he could provide students with sexual advice. In the process of constantly helping others, Otis opened his own way of sexual self-study.

In one episode, a girl Kate complains to the hero that she wants to turn off the light xxoo because she thinks her body is ugly, but also because she works in the dark, she accidentally dents her boyfriend Sam's arm and sprains her neck.

In the process of discussion, it happened that the girl's boyfriend rushed in, and the two sides began to quarrel about whether to turn off the lights. In a boy's mind, it's naked, isn't it? How can you do it without taking off your clothes? Take off and can't see how to xxoo?

At this time, the hero comes forward to sit with his back to each other, listen to each other's ideas, and do not criticize for the time being. The lines I remember are:

Otis: "Kate, what do you like about Sam? 」

Kate: "his eyelashes are beautiful."

Sam: "Oh, that's stupid."

Otis: "remember, we need to listen to each other first. Sam, it's your turn. What's Kate's place? 」

Sam:「Hummm…… 」

Kate: "look! He can't say it! 」

Later, Sam said that he liked all of Kate, but Kate didn't believe it at all. Otis had to guide Kate to see her own advantages slowly.

The whole process is partner therapy, which is different from what we men think of as "sex". Xxoo is full of sensory stimulation, sweat, collision and passion, and then ends with a low roar?

It turns out that's not the case.

In a research paper on Xing climax, it is mentioned that 80% of men have reached Xing climax, but only about 50% of women have experienced Xing climax.

Thirty percent of women said they didn't know whether they had experienced Xing orgasm or not, while far fewer men were uncertain. Only 10 percent said they didn't know about Xing orgasm.

It's easy to understand that men's orgasm usually ends with body size, while women's orgasm is more complicated. If they are not used to exploring their own body, or if their partners only focus on piston movement, they really don't know what climax is.

In the process of xxoo, does the weight of Xing high tide matter? In the survey, 80% of men think it's important, while only 50% of women think it's important. The question is, if xxoo doesn't experience climax, what did it do?

In recent years,scholars have proposed a new index"sexual satisfaction"to evaluate sexual life.Sexual satisfaction is an emotional evaluation,including their own thoughts,attitudes and feelings.

According to the"sexual satisfaction scale"used in the research,it can be divided into five aspects:sexual relationship,sexual attitude,sexual desire,sexual communication and orgasm

Sexual relationship:I am very satisfied with my current relationship with my sexual partner.

Sexual attitude:my partner will satisfy my sexual love.

Sexual desire:I feel satisfied with my sexual partner.

Sexual communication:for me,a sexual relationship with a partner is not routine.

Orgasm:when we have sex,it's not a rush or a rush.

Do men see that the sex women want is the same as making movies.They will enjoy sex as a journey,rather than fast forward to the point like us.

But you know what?In this study,the sexual satisfaction of female students is higher than that of male students!In other words,even if there is no climax,or even do not know whether there is climax,as long as it is done with the right person,you can still feel satisfied.

So far,you know that the male's Xing organ is Yin Jing,while the female's sexual organ is the whole body!From every moment of emotional management to the whole day of creating sexual activities,every word you say,your eyes,body touch,body smell,until you caress and enter.

Even without sex,fantasy is the same.Research shows that men's fantasy is visual stimulation(such as big suckling girls),but women's fantasy is very long,which is a romantic plot with their favorite objects.

Therefore,a man's life is really hard.In addition to"perseverance",he has to pay attention to sexual activities and satisfy six women's"eyes,ears,nose,tongue,body and mind".But don't complain,because if we really want to compare our sexual ability,we can't satisfy our partner completely!If you can add more points,of course,the more the better!

Finally,I wish you and your partner a satisfying sex journey together.

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