Is sexual ability really related to kidney deficiency?
Sexual ability
Under the influence of traditional Chinese medicine,Chinese people have closely linked the kidney and sex,especially the idea that"kidney deficiency"will lead to the decline of sexual function is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.What is the fact?Is kidney really good,is man that aspect also really good?

According to modern medical research,kidney can be summarized into two functions:excretion and endocrine function.However,gonads are the organs directly related to sexual function,'s Gao pills and women's ovaries.

On the other hand,from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine,the kidney is not good refers to the kidney of traditional Chinese medicine,belonging to the virtual.Traditional Chinese medicine believes that kidney is"the origin of nature"and"the source of life".Its physiological function is to store essence,control water,receive Qi,control bone and generate marrow.Its bloom is in the hair,resuscitate in the ear,and manage two Yin.

In traditional Chinese medicine,the kidney function is low-kidney deficiency.There are many symptoms:after urination,the water is not enough,Jing liquid is like clear water,cold,or ejaculation is not ejaculated,male Yang Qi is not raised,weak

In this way,the kidney of traditional Chinese medicine and men's function is related!Chinese medicine said that men's kidney is good,may be to describe men have spirit,masculine!

But there is an interesting phenomenon:more than 50%of male patients with uremia(complete renal failure)complain of erectile dysfunction,decreased x-desire and significantly reduced x-intercourse frequency;similarly,in women with chronic kidney disease(partial renal failure),menstrual disorders,reproductive and sexual dysfunction are also more common.Don't you think western medicine says that kidney has nothing to do with sex?How can you explain this phenomenon?

Doctors talk about sex,will be more embarrassed,usually sexual function is mainly affected by the vascular system,nervous system,hormone system and psychological system.Taking men as an example,the initial necessary event(i.e.,the occurrence and maintenance of penile erection)required by male sexual behavior is mainly a vascular phenomenon,which is triggered by nerve signals and can be strengthened and completed only under the appropriate hormone environment and psychological state.

Compared with normal people,there are various factors in patients with chronic kidney disease that will indirectly affect the above four systems.For example,some clinical studies have shown that the application of recombinant human erythropoietin to increase the hematocrit of patients to 33%-36%may enhance the sexual function of patients.

The kidney can secrete renin to participate in the regulation of blood pressure,and secrete erythropoietin to participate in the production of red blood cells.However,patients with kidney disease will have insufficient secretion of renin and erythropoietin,thus affecting the human vascular system.

Renal insufficiency patients with peripheral neuropathy may also be accompanied by sexual dysfunction.

The uremic microenvironment of uremic patients can damage the steroid hormone synthesis of gonads. The serum concentrations of total testosterone and free testosterone in uremic patients usually decrease. Testosterone plays an indispensable role in normal male sexual function. Testosterone deficiency can lead to impotence in men.

Patients with kidney disease often have psychological and physical stress. Depression, stress or drugs used to treat depression can lead to sexual dysfunction.

In addition,many drugs taken orally by patients with kidney disease can also cause sexual dysfunction,such as spironolactone,thiazide diuretics,clonidine and other antihypertensive drugs,and most antidepressants.

It can be seen that patients with chronic kidney disease and uremia are easy to be accompanied by sexual dysfunction.Kidney and sex should be understood as having an indirect relationship.In fact,they have no direct relationship.

If you want to be magnificent in that aspect, of course, in addition to paying attention to the kidney, you should pay more attention to the overall health. Only all the organs of the body are healthy, and the body is good. Of course, it's also good to accompany your children!

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