It's not wrong to tease girls! But these 18 kinds of girls c
To tease a girl
After countless experiences of fishing for beautiful women in the dating app in exchange for dinosaurs,the real-world experience of seducing girls has returned strongly.Foreign love experts especially point out that when a man sees a charming woman,he naturally wants to flirt.After all,if he wants to be rich,he will get nothing.

However,some girls or women,you really should not tease,let alone delusion to further with them,some women can not tease,especially the following 18.

1.Your best friend's ex girlfriend

You are not a direct seller,so your friend is not your downline.On the way of love,there are no relatives who don't care about this,unless you don't want this friend,especially the one who likes to boast about his kung fu in bed.Well,even if you don't want this friend,she will probably compare you two directly.Believe experts,you won't want to be put on the scale like pork.

2.Your best friend is the one who wants to be your best friend,but never succeeds

Although he encourages you to have a try,even if you ignore his heart is bleeding,think about it.This younger sister is definitely better than you.Why does she let you succeed.

Your boss

Maybe you can make it,and then what?You're the one who wants to sleep on the top.On the contrary,if your female boss wants to tease you with her power,you will become his tool man.Let's change jobs.

4.Your subordinates:do you know about meeto?

5.Your female teacher:the same as the boss!

6.Female bar tender

There are so many women in the nightclub.If you want to tease the bartender,she will be happy,because her job is not to talk about feelings with the guests,but to sell more wine.And if the conditions are good enough for you to take the initiative to be courteous,there will surely be more stupid drinkers like you.Please go to draw the number card and be a fat pig.

7.Hot wine

They deal with men like you all day long.When you make moves,they will only give you 1 to 10 marks for your tease moves.In fact,most of them are below 3 points.Why do you think your score is higher?Well,if you show your Ferrari key at this time,you have a better chance!But it's also possible that you have to pay for a few bottles of aged single malt first,and spend 30000 or 40000,otherwise they still can't get off work.

8.Policewomen in the street

It's OK for you to ask the way,but the frivolous words may make you get a ticket.As for the policewoman who caught you driving illegally,you will be handcuffed immediately and played SM in prison.I mean,played SM by other inmates.

9.Beautiful actress

When I see Zhou Ziyu in a restaurant or nightclub,do you want to see her?You will be carried out of the nightclub by several bodyguards and taught a lesson.

10.Your student:do you know about metoo?(ditto)

Married woman:it doesn't matter if you want to play paradise lost or Diane Lane's betrayal,but please go to see the ending of these two movies first.

12.Sister at the funeral

We know that you were very sad at that time,and we also know that death and sex are often linked together,but it is very likely that the other party is a relative of the dead,and you are a pervert who watches too many porn.

The woman who has rejected you for the past five years

At this time,what you need is not her,but a psychologist.By the way,psychologists can't tease you either.They charge by the hour by listening to you.They will never be moved.

14.Taxi driver or Uber driver:the same principle as hot wine girl or bartender.

15.The woman trapped in the elevator with you

Maybe there is a slight chance of success,and a greater chance is that women are afraid enough when they are trapped in an enclosed space.When you come forward to harass them,you will be nervous and wait for the police to catch you as soon as the elevator is repaired and the door is opened.#Please note the severity of metoo.

16.Super hot girl on Facebook who invites you to make friends

How can such a hot woman take the initiative to ask a man to flirt with her on the Internet?This is line's new trick to help girls.If you have deep pockets,go.No one will stop you.

17.Younger sister over 10 years younger than you

A man would say that,but unless you have a key to a Ferrari or she's just looking for a sugar daddy.

18.Your ex:are you really sad that you can't find another woman to flirt with?

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