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Sex toy
Two people together for a long time,the boudoir bed will not mention Xing interest.Especially in married couples are very common,most of the apathy in long-term marriage couples.Many readers will ask how to increase the couple's interest in Xing and make X's life energetic again?

In fact,there is no way.Learning how to use fun toys can make your life more fun.

Fun toys are tools to add fun in the process of Xing love.People are used to label"fun toys"and look at them with different eyes.In Europe and the United States,people call sex toys or other sex toys as sexaid,which means"Xing love little helper".It can be roughly divided into fun gifts,condoms,lubricants,sex products and fun clothes.

Sex products for women with X cold feeling and dysfunction of men,middle-aged couples with difficult sex,etc.,have the effect of improvement.Therefore,modern people should not look at erotic goods in a colorful way.

"In fact,it's not just fun."

Interest products mainly highlight its auxiliary role in restoring x function.These include:

1.Treatment improves X-ray function.

2.Increase x life interest.

3.Meet the X requirements under special circumstances.

In terms of reproduction,people who are afraid of sexually transmitted diseases,those who are married unconditionally,those who go out or live alone for a long time,those who have strong desire for X,those who do not enjoy their life,those who are male Wei,and those who are female X are indifferent,and those who are sick or disabled on one side of the husband and wife are unable to carry out x3e

With the development of science and technology of the times,the current skipping can achieve more unexpected effects.It can even be operated on the mobile terminal to stimulate the desire of the other party.

For some older players,they may not have tried this kind of fun toy that can be controlled by mobile app,but as a good toy to increase the life of couple x,you can use it for your own use,and you can also give it to your good friends,which is still an interesting choice.

AV vibration massage stick

In fact,AV vibrator and egg skipper are the"protagonists"of erotic movies,but in real life,AV vibrator is not as lucky as egg skipper.As AV vibrator is generally thick and light,it will be very embarrassing if it is found by guests or family members.

However,its effect can not be underestimated,for single"female desire",sometimes can be used for crape myrtle.At the same time,the vibrator can also be used for foreplay tease,when tired of exercise can also be used for massage.

Now AV vibrator also has the heating function,especially in the cold winter,it can heat the rod,the design is more intimate,more in line with the temperature of the human body,bid farewell to the cold feeling of traditional toys.

It can not only make a massage stick to relax the tension before x love,but also bring different stimulation to your partner.AV vibration massage stick is very practical!

Locked ring

For the elementary toys that use less fun toys,just listening to the name should not be clear about the role of this toy.For Lei Laoshi who hasn't contacted the interest industry long ago,he is also confused.

From the literal meaning,we can guess that its function is to lock Ding Ding's ring.

The usage is like this

This ring feels like skin,delicate and moist,and has strong stretching force.Its function is that it can thicken and enlarge the cavernous body of Ding Ding through natural hyperemia,which can exercise Ding Ding's muscles.

For the men who are easy to be astringent in x love,it is a toy that can extend Ding Ding's endurance.It is not only a fun toy,but also a product to improve x function.

Electric breast massager

For foreplay,women's breasts are also a sensitive G-spot,and even some women can achieve cake tide by stimulating their breasts.

The vibration effect of massage toys is amazing

At the same time,this kind of breast massage toy also has its own function of allowing suction.When your male partner is tired from foreplay,you can also use this massage

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