Common issues
  • How to identify whether the product you bought is the official product of Thunder?

    There is an anti-counterfeiting sticker on the product packaging box, which can be directly scratched off with the anti-counterfeiting code, and directly log on the official website to enter the anti-counterfeiting code verification, prompting "您所查询的产品是香港雷霆洋行有限公司出品的雷霆品牌系列正牌产品,请放心使用!"It means that the purchased product is genuine; or dial the anti-counterfeiting hotline 4000-128-315; some products have a QR code anti-counterfeit label on the packaging box. Scratch the full QR code and use your mobile phone to "scan". Verification; if you receive the same prompt, it means that the purchased product is a genuine Leten product.

  • Matters needing attention in daily use?

    1、If you need to use a lubricant during use, please use a water-soluble lubricant, such as Leten extremely water-soluble lubricant. Hand cream or silicone-soluble lubricant may permanently damage the silicone of the massager. Please make sure to clean the massager carefully after using massage oil.
    2、Such products are not children's toys and should be kept away from children's reach.
    3、If you are pregnant, please consult your doctor before use.
    4、If you see that the outer silicon layer has been damaged, please do not use this product.
    5、Please note: This type of product is a personal hygiene product, please do not give the product to others.

  • How to clean and store to be safe?

    1、Please wash the product thoroughly before and after each use. The most effective way is to clean and sterilize with a special cleaner for adult appliances. You can also use warm water and sterilizing soap to wash, and then rinse with clean water (do not use hot water with a temperature over 80 degrees). Finally, gently pat with a dry towel until it is completely dry.
    2、Do not use alcohol gasoline or acetone cleaners.
    3、Avoid direct sunlight. Also avoid directly exposing the massager to high temperatures.
    4、Please place the product in a clean and dry environment, and store it separately from other materials.

Scrap and recycling treatment:

Discarded and recycled electronic products (applicable to the European Union and other European countries that use waste separation collection systems) The crossed trash can icon indicates that after the product is discarded, the electronic and electrical equipment should be regarded as scrapped and sent to the relevant electronic and electrical products for recycling Station, not suitable for ordinary garbage disposal.

Things to note when buying sex toys:

1、Focus on material

When buying adult sex toys, because the product has to be in direct contact with the skin, if the material does not meet the corresponding national safety standards, there will be a certain amount of damage to the body. Improper selection of the material will also cause certain safety hazards. Therefore, paying attention to material is the basic condition for purchasing adult sex toys.

2、suit myself

Generally speaking, adult sex toys will have a certain model. When purchasing, pay attention to whether the model of the product is suitable for you. Do not blindly pursue the excitement of sexual experience, otherwise it is easy to cause unsatisfaction or damage. .

3、Can be cleaned

Since the product is in direct contact with the skin, it is best to choose a product that can be cleaned, so that it can be cleaned before and after use to ensure that the private parts are clean and hygienic.

4、brand guarantee

Only by choosing products produced by formal enterprises, focusing on brand and quality, can we choose more suitable sex toys.

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